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Teeth Whitening: How to Avoid Gums Burns

man with white teeth on dental chairA dazzling bright smile is one of the best accessories anyone can possess. But teeth whitening can sometimes cause gum irritation or burning. That’s because hydrogen peroxide is a common ingredient found in many whitening products. The exposure of gums to this agent may result in sensitivity or pain. This might happen for a few reasons.

One possible cause is using whitening products with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide or leaving them on for too long. This can increase the likelihood of gum irritation and burns. Additionally, brushing your teeth too vigorously or applying excessive pressure to the gums can also lead to discomfort.

How To Safely Use Teeth Whitening Products at Home

To prevent and protect burned gums from teeth whitening, follow these step-by-step guidelines for safe usage:

Consult Your Dentist

Before using any teeth whitening products, visit your dentist for a thorough evaluation. They can provide guidance tailored to your specific needs and recommend products that minimise sensitivity-related symptoms.

Choose Custom-Fit Whitening Trays

Opt for custom-fit whitening trays, which ensure proper fit and prevent the product from seeping onto your gums.

Use Sensitive Toothpaste

Switch to a sensitive toothpaste to reduce irritation and pain around the gums.

Watch Your Diet

Avoid acidic foods and drinks like coffee, wine, and citrus fruits. These can amplify gum sensitivity and irritation.

Follow Instructions Carefully

Read and follow the instructions provided with your teeth whitening product. Applying the product correctly and avoiding prolonged exposure will significantly decrease the risk of gum burns.

Remove Excess Gel

When applying the whitening gel, make sure to keep it on your teeth and away from the gums. If any gel comes in contact with your gums, gently wipe it away with a tissue.

Avoid Overuse

Do not whiten your teeth daily, as excessive whitening can damage your tooth enamel and increase the likelihood of sensitivity and decay. Follow the recommended usage guidelines.

Protecting Gums During Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments

If you opt for professional teeth whitening treatments, it is crucial to communicate any concerns about gum sensitivity or previous experiences with gum burns. Our dentists use the latest technology in the industry to safely brighten your teeth and improve your smile and self-esteem in the process.

We want to help you achieve a brighter smile while maintaining the health of your gums. For more information or to book an appointment for teeth whitening, contact Pinnacle Dental today!


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