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Docklands Sports Mouthguards

Protective sports mouthguards are one of the most important pieces of protective equipment we offer at Pinnacle Dental. These custom sports guards are an essential piece of equipment for any athlete. Whether you’re playing contact sports like footy or participating in activities like cycling, mouthguards can help protect your teeth, lips and soft oral tissues from damage.


What Types of Sports Guards Are Available?

There are three types of sports guards available: over the counter ‘stock’ designs, boil-and-bite and custom-made.

While stock and boil-and-bite options may provide some protection, they cannot offer the same level of protection as a custom-made mouthguard. Custom sports guards are designed to fit your teeth and jawbone perfectly, which means they offer the best possible protection during an injury. Unlike other types of sports guards, custom mouthguards are specifically designed to embrace your teeth and jawbone, providing maximum protection and minimising the risk of trauma and damage.

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Who Should Wear One?

It’s particularly important for younger children, teens or adults participating in contact sports to wear a custom mouthguard. These activities put them at greater risk of dental injuries, which can lead to tooth damage and discolouration later in life. Custom mouthguards designed by a dentist are the best option for anyone looking for ultimate protection and comfort.

What to Expect

During a quick 15-minute appointment, our dentist will take moulds or scans of your mouth and send them to a lab to create your custom mouthguard. The lab will design the mouthguard to cover your teeth in a way that provides maximum protection, sometimes even extending the guard to cover specific teeth or areas.

Custom mouthguards typically consist of two layers: a softer inner layer for comfort and a harder outer layer for durability. They also help lock the jaws at a specific angle to minimise the chance of dislocation.

Our custom-made sports guards provide the best protection and comfort, and can be made in different colours or with designs to suit your preferences.

How Long Do They Last?

The frequency with which you need to replace your mouthguard depends on your age and dental development. Younger patients with growing jaws and teeth should have their mouthguards checked every six months during routine exams. Patients with mixed teeth should replace their mouthguards every 1-2 years, as their mouth is still growing. Adults with permanent teeth typically only need to replace their mouthguards once every five years.

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