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Meet Dr Rania Jebry (Dentist)

Dr Rania Jerby

I grew up watching my mum work as a dentist in her clinic. I loved watching how she treated her patients with care and understanding and always attended to their dental concerns; they weren’t only her patients, but she truly treated them like family!”

Since then, Dr Rania always aspired to be like her mother, to genuinely care for each patient’s wellbeing, to listen thoroughly to their needs, and to address their concerns gently. “It is always a happy feeling when you see your patients become motivated and more confident with their oral health and smile!”

Education and Experience

Dr Rania graduated with a Bachelor of Dentistry/Master of Dentistry in 2021 and did work placements in multiple rural areas and hospitals. Having great communication with patients and ensuring they are comfortable and feel understood will always be her main goal in the dental clinic.

Prioritising Patients’ Oral Health

Dr Rania is passionate about ensuring patients understand the purpose behind every dental procedure and the importance of maintaining good oral health and its implications for their general wellbeing. “My patients are my number one priority; we will tackle and work on each obstacle they face together, whether it’s overcoming dental anxiety or pain relief from a toothache.”

Outside of Work

When she’s not caring for patients’ smiles, Dr Rania loves bicycle riding and playing board games with her family and friends. She also loves reading books, including fictional stories, as well as dental articles to stay up to date with and continuously expand her dental knowledge.

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