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Interdental Brushes vs Floss: What's Your Best Bet?


Interdental Brushes: Efficient and Comfortable

Interdental brushes are those tiny bristle-filled brushes that are designed to clean between your teeth. They’re easy to use, and are especially helpful for those with braces or larger gaps between teeth.

Floss: Traditional and Precise

Dental floss, the more traditional choice, is ideal for smaller spaces between teeth. It removes plaque effectively and can be carried around easily for on-the-go dental care.

Comfort Is Key

Ultimately, the best tool is what you are most comfortable with. Both interdental brushes and floss can help promote optimal oral health. Choose what fits your lifestyle and comfort.

Above all, don’t skip the essential step of cleaning between your teeth. Whether you prefer an interdental brush or classic dental floss, make using one part of your daily routine.

Keep Your Teeth in Tip-Top Condition

Of course, regular preventative checkups are one of the best ways to keep your smile healthy. Contact Pinnacle Dental today to book an appointment!


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